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At Glamping with Llamas, our philosophy of mutual enjoyment, "If it's not fun for them, it shouldn't be fun for us," shapes a unique glamping experience where human well-being and llama comfort coalesce. Our guests indulge in the tranquillity of nature, complemented by the serene presence of our llamas, who enjoy a well-balanced routine of being 'on duty' and 'off duty.'

For 23 hours a day, our llamas are 'off duty,' roaming freely, embodying the essence of a relaxed and stress-free lifestyle that we aim to share with our guests. This freedom is crucial not just for their well-being but also sets the tone for the tranquil retreat experience we offer. For one hour daily, during their 'on duty' time, our llamas engage in meaningful interactions with guests, from educational talks about llama behaviour and ancestry to close encounters facilitated by feeding sessions. This carefully structured time ensures that both llamas and guests benefit from the interaction without compromising the llamas' comfort or natural behaviours.

This approach redefines luxury as a state of mutual happiness and respect, offering our guests a retreat where they can unwind and connect with nature and our llamas in a meaningful way. Learn more about how we balance llama well-being with human enjoyment in our latest blog post. 

Join the journey at Glamping with Llamas, where every stay supports compassionate living and a deeper bond with nature.


There's glamping... and then there's glamping with llamas!
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Wisbech: A Tapestry of History, Nature, and Seaside Fun

Welcome to Wisbech, the 'Capital of the Fens', a jewel nestled at the crossroads of Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, and Norfolk. This historic town is steeped in character and culture, making it an alluring destination for both families and couples alike.

Wisbech is a place where history is alive in the architectural marvels and heritage sites that pepper the streets. It’s a haven for those who appreciate the past and for families eager to impart lessons of history to the younger generation in an engaging environment.

The natural surroundings of Wisbech are equally compelling, offering a verdant escape to cathedrals that stand majestic against the skyline, rivers that invite peaceful contemplation, and wildlife reservations where nature unfolds in all its splendour. Pristine beaches are within a mere 30-minute drive, where dog-friendly shores welcome your furry companions for a day of joy and play in the sand.

For those seeking a taste of traditional British seaside amusement, Hunstanton—'Sunny Hunny'—awaits with its classic charm. This authentic seaside resort brims with activities from bingo to funfairs, and the beaches beckon families and couples to relax on the sands or explore the dramatic Hunstanton cliffs. Attractions such as Sea Life offer a fascinating journey into the depths of marine life, promising a delightful experience for all ages.  If stock car racing is your thing, just 17 minutes drive will bring you to the Adrian Flux Arena in King's Lynn.  For details of forthcoming events, you can visit their website.

Convenience is key in Wisbech; our proximity to urban centres means you're only an hour away from London and Oxford, accessible via smooth drives or public transport. This blend of rural tranquillity and easy access to bustling cities ensures your stay can be as laid-back or as adventurous as you desire.

Choose Wisbech as your next destination and immerse in the charm of a historic town, the tranquillity of the countryside, and the joyous bustle of the seaside—all woven together into one unforgettable experience.

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