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Our Glamping Spaces

Discover Our Unique Glamping Retreats: Valentina, Nayeli Too, and Nayeli

At "Glamping with Llamas," we offer three distinct spaces designed to provide an unforgettable escape into nature, each with its unique charm and amenities. Whether you choose the luxurious Lotus Belle Stargazer Tent of Valentina, the American RV adventure with Nayeli Too, or the cosy comforts of Nayeli's mobile home, you're guaranteed a stay filled with peace, luxury, and the gentle company of llamas. We pride ourselves on being a pet-friendly haven; dogs and cats are warmly welcomed across our accommodations. Each space is open to free-roaming llamas, but can be thoughtfully sectioned off, ensuring your furry friends can roam and stretch their legs safely within your area. For those looking to give their dogs an extra dose of fun, we offer the use of a dedicated paddock by appointment for ultimate playtime, including ball throwing and plenty of space to run. Here, every detail is curated to ensure you, your family, and your pets enjoy a serene and joyful retreat amidst the beauty of Fenland.


Images of accommodations at Glamping with Llamas

A Blend of Comfort and Nature in a Spacious but Cute Mobile Home

Nayeli, whose name is a heartfelt expression from the Zapotec language meaning "I love you," offers a unique sanctuary within a late 2008 mobile home. Perfectly blending modern comforts with the tranquil beauty of nature, Nayeli is designed for those who seek a peaceful retreat, surrounded by the gentle presence of llamas and the stunning vistas of the Fenland countryside.

Your Home Away From Home: Nayeli features a dedicated bedroom and lounge, creating a cosy and inviting space for relaxation. The kitchenette is fully equipped with a cooker, oven, fridge, microwave, and sink with draining board, alongside modern conveniences such as an electric toaster and kettle. The en-suite bathroom includes a basin, WC, and a walk-in shower, ensuring your needs are catered for with ease and comfort.

Private Summerhouse: Step outside to discover your private summerhouse, an extension of your living space where you can immerse yourself in the surroundings. Watch the llamas, delve into a book, sketch, or simply snuggle under comfy throws amid the glow of twinkling fairy lights—a perfect setting for unwinding and creativity.

Luxury Amenities:

Hot Tub: Nayeli's own hot tub is available as an add-on, offering a secluded spot to relax and enjoy the natural beauty around you.

Gastronomic Delights: Enhance your stay with our unique private dining experience, where a top local chef will prepare a sumptuous three-course barbecue meal for you (subject to availability), allowing you to savour the flavours of the region against the backdrop of Fenland sunrises and sunsets.

Engage with Nature: As part of your experience, join us each evening around 6 pm for the llama feeding session. This is a special opportunity to learn about these fascinating animals, their personalities, and even participate in grooming, feeding treats, and walking on the farm, weather permitting, at no additional cost.

Nayeli Welcome Hamper: Culinary Comforts for Every Season

Upon your arrival at Nayeli, a bespoke welcome hamper awaits within your cozy retreat, thoughtfully prepped for your convenience and culinary exploration. This collection not only celebrates the joys of outdoor barbecue under the open sky but also ensures that, should the weather turn, the comforts of your kitchenette stand ready as a welcoming haven for indoor culinary adventures.

Gourmet Essentials:

  • Start with the Basics: The essentials of fresh milk, bread, and butter are provided, perfect for those initial moments of settling in.

  • Diverse Tastes Catered: Enjoy a selection of crackers with a variety of spreads such as jam, marmalade, peanut butter, and Marmite, ensuring a flavourful start to your day, come rain or shine.

  • Indulgent Moments: Delight in biscuits, locally sourced honey (seasonally available from our Faster Lente Honey Bees), alongside pain au chocolat and assorted chocolate treats, offering a sweet respite regardless of the weather.

Farm-Fresh Offerings:

  • Eggs and Bacon: Our welcome hamper includes the freshest free-range eggs from our Faster Lente Layers and delicious bacon, providing versatile ingredients for both BBQ enthusiasts and indoor chefs alike.

  • Inclusive Dining Choices: We wholeheartedly embrace the diversity of our guests’ dietary preferences and cultural practices. Understanding that not everyone may include pork in their diet, we offer the flexibility to exclude bacon from your welcome hamper. Should you prefer or require alternative items to meet your dietary needs, please inform us in advance. Our commitment is to ensure that your culinary experience with us is both accommodating and enjoyable, making your stay as comfortable and inclusive as possible.

Adaptable Dining: Acknowledging the unpredictable British weather, Nayeli’s setup is designed to seamlessly transition your culinary experiences from the outdoor BBQ to the fully equipped indoor kitchenette. Whether grilling under the stars or whipping up comfort food indoors, your dining options remain as flexible and enjoyable as your stay.

Tailored to Your Preferences: We understand the importance of meeting diverse dietary needs. With advance notice, we can customize your welcome hamper to align with any dietary restrictions, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive culinary journey from the moment you arrive.

Nayeli’s welcome hamper is more than just a collection of food items; it’s a promise of home-cooked warmth and the freedom to enjoy your meals, your way, regardless of the weather. Here, every culinary detail is considered, ensuring your stay is filled with comfort, convenience, and memorable dining experiences.

Nayeli Too

Images of accommodations at Glamping with Llamas

A Haven of Love in the Heart of Nature

Nayeli Too, deriving its name from the Zapotec word that translates to "I love you," epitomises the essence of connection, affection, and serene beauty. This American RV offers a unique glamping experience that transcends the ordinary, inviting guests into a world where love and nature intertwine seamlessly. Positioned amidst our gentle llamas, Nayeli Too is not just a stay but a heartfelt whisper of nature, promising an encounter filled with warmth, curiosity, and moments of unspoken love.

Embrace the Spirit of Nayeli: Encased in the tranquility of our llama farm, Nayeli Too stands as a testament to love’s enduring presence. Here, amid the curious eyes of our llamas, guests are reminded of the simple, pure expressions of love. Whether it's the joy of a llama's gentle approach or the peaceful ambiance of the surrounding nature, every aspect of Nayeli Too is designed to echo the meaning of her name.

Your Comforting Retreat: Nayeli Too is thoughtfully equipped to ensure your stay is as comfortable as it is memorable:

Accommodations for All: With a king-size bed, a full-size double sofa bed, and two bunks,  Nayeli Too comfortably welcomes families, couples, and solo travellers alike.

Seasonal Comfort: Central heating and air conditioning cater to your comfort, providing a cosy haven regardless of the weather outside.

Luxury Amidst Nature: The hot tub, nestled under a private dome, offers a unique vantage point to enjoy the company of our llamas, making for an unforgettable experience of relaxation and connection.

Outdoor Living Enhanced: Complete with a BBQ, seating areas, and a firepit, plus provided charcoal and logs, Nayeli Too sets the stage for enchanting evenings under the stars.

Culinary Independence: A fully equipped kitchen with a gas hob, oven, and microwave oven allows for delightful cooking experiences, supported by full mains electricity.

Bespoke Experiences and Learning: Our concierge service is keen to personalise your stay with unique local experiences. 

Furthermore, a special llama familiarisation session invites you to delve deeper into the world of these remarkable creatures, offering insights into their origins and personalities.

In every detail, Nayeli Too invites you to a journey of love, discovery, and serene communion with nature, promising a stay that resonates with the profound beauty of its name. Welcome to "Glamping with Llamas," where every moment is a celebration of love and natural wonders.

Nayeli Too Welcome Hamper: Your Pantry Prepared with Care

As you step into Nayeli Too, you'll be greeted by a specially prepared welcome hamper, already installed in her pantry, awaiting your discovery. This collection of carefully selected items ensures that your experience with us begins with the utmost comfort and convenience, embodying the warmth and attention to detail that defines your stay.

Gourmet Essentials:

  • Fresh Beginnings: Your pantry comes stocked with the essentials — fresh milk, bread, and butter, setting the stage for a comforting start to your glamping adventure.

  • Delightful Varieties: Explore a selection of crackers accompanied by a range of spreads including jams, marmalade, peanut butter, and the distinct taste of Marmite, offering flavours to please every palate.

  • Sweet Surprises: Discover biscuits and, when available, honey from our own Faster Lente Honey Bees, along with pain au chocolat and chocolate treats for those indulgent moments.

From Our Fields to Your Pantry:

  • Local Freshness: Enjoy the freshest free-range eggs from our Faster Lente Layers, subject to their generous laying, and savour the option of adding delicious bacon to your meals, understanding diverse dietary needs and preferences.

Accommodating Your Dietary Needs: We are committed to ensuring a welcoming experience for all our guests. With advance notice, we can adapt your welcome hamper to align with any dietary restrictions, ensuring everyone can enjoy a personalised and inclusive start to their stay.

Your pantry in Nayeli Too is not just stocked; it’s curated with love, mirroring the essence of Nayeli’s name and ensuring your time with us is both relaxing and delightful.


Images of accommodations at Glamping with Llamas

The Ultimate Glamping Experience with Lotus Belle

Immerse yourself in unparalleled luxury with Valentina, our exquisite Lotus Belle Stargazer Tent. Nestled within a spacious one-acre paddock, Valentina offers an idyllic retreat for up to 10 guests. The accommodation includes a plush double bed and four sumptuous double bed sofas, ensuring a restful night's sleep under the stars.

Valentina's expansive decked area provides the perfect setting for relaxation and socialising. Here, you can unwind amidst the tranquil company of llamas, lose yourself in a book, indulge in creative sketching, or simply cozy up with our soft throws under the ambient glow of fairy lights. For culinary enthusiasts, Valentina features a versatile outdoor cooking area equipped with both gas and charcoal barbecues, alongside a firepit complete with all the necessary utensils.

Despite her rustic charm, Valentina doesn't compromise on modern comforts. Guests can enjoy the convenience of hot and cold running water, a shower, a butler's sink, and a fridge. Powered by solar energy, the tent maintains an eco-friendly footprint, offering charging facilities for mobile phones and tablets with two provided batteries.

In addition to offering a serene escape, Valentina and her surroundings are perfectly suited to host hen parties and group celebrations. With no immediate neighbours to disturb, guests are free to enjoy their festivities into the night. This secluded spot ensures that laughter and music can fill the air without concern, making it the ideal choice for those special occasions where you want to celebrate without constraints.

While Valentina does not feature a hot tub, she compensates with other exclusive offerings. Our signature private dining experience promises an unforgettable gastronomic adventure, where a distinguished local chef prepares a bespoke three-course barbecue meal (subject to availability).

Your stay at Valentina is also an opportunity to witness the mesmerizing beauty of Fenland's sunrises and sunsets, alongside breathtaking night skies. Enhance your experience with our evening llama feeding session at 5 pm. Guests are welcomed to learn about these fascinating creatures, engage in a meet and greet, and capture memorable moments, all at no additional charge.

Welcome to Your Ultimate Glamping Experience

Upon arrival, you'll discover a thoughtfully curated welcome pack designed to make your stay with us as comfortable and delightful as possible. Our welcome pack includes:

  • Essentials: Fresh milk, bread, and butter to start your day smoothly.

  • Gourmet Selections: A variety of crackers, accompanied by a selection of jam, marmalade, peanut butter, and the distinctive taste of Marmite for your breakfast pleasure.

  • Sweet and Savoury Treats: Enjoy our biscuits and honey, sourced directly from the Faster Lente Honey Bees when available, alongside pain au chocolat and assorted chocolate treats for a touch of indulgence.

  • Farm Fresh Goodness: Experience the freshness with free-range eggs from our cherished Faster Lente Layers, available depending on their generous cooperation. In addition to the eggs, we are pleased to offer delicious bacon as a separate delight to complement your breakfast. Understanding the diverse dietary preferences and cultural practices of our guests, we offer the option to exclude bacon from your welcome pack. Should you prefer this, a simple note to us in advance will ensure it’s not included in your fridge.

  • Dietary Restrictions: We are committed to accommodating the dietary needs and restrictions of all our guests. With advanced notice, we can tailor your welcome pack to include items that meet your specific dietary requirements, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive experience for everyone.

Inside Your Space:

Your accommodation is equipped with all the necessities and luxuries to ensure a seamless and relaxing stay:

Kitchen essentials including washing up liquid, antibacterial hand soap, and a selection of basic condiments (oil, salt, pepper, pasta, breakfast cereals).

Bathroom comforts like soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor with shaving cream, and ample loo roll.

Morning essentials featuring coffee and a variety of teas, with ice cubes available upon request for those warmer days.

For your evening ambiance, tealights and candles are provided for outdoor dining, complemented by snuggly blankets for cooler evenings.

Additional Comforts:

Each space is outfitted with amenities to enhance your outdoor living experience:

A BBQ and firepit for memorable alfresco meals.

Private outdoor seating areas to soak in the serene environment.

A continuous supply of wood and charcoal for your cooking and heating needs.

Fresh towels, spa slippers, and spa gowns for your comfort and convenience.

We aim to provide everything you might need for a relaxing, enjoyable, and immersive glamping experience. Welcome to your home away from home, where luxury meets nature in harmony.

Discover the perfect glamping extras and unique gifts in our webshop. Enhance your adventure today!

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