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An Unforgettable Encounter: The Llama Experience at Glamping with Llamas

A llama looking over a paddock fence

Welcome to Glamping with Llamas, a unique blend of luxury camping and interactive llama experiences set against the backdrop of stunning landscapes. Here, we embrace a philosophy that ensures our activities are as enjoyable for our llamas as they are for us. This ethos underpins every aspect of our glamping site, promising a memorable stay for our guests and a contented life for our llamas.

The Llama Experience

Daily Routine and Human Interaction

At Glamping with Llamas, our llamas enjoy a structured yet relaxed daily routine. They are 'off duty' for 23 hours, roaming freely, and for one hour each day, they engage in a special 'on duty' time. This period is not just about feeding but fostering a positive relationship between the llamas and our guests.

Educational Insights

Each interaction is an opportunity for learning. During their 'on duty' time, guests can attend talks I give on llama ancestry and behaviours, offering insights into these remarkable animals' lives.

A woman standing between two llamas with her back to them

Ethical Interaction and Education

We prioritise ethical interactions, allowing guests to feed llamas alfalfa pellets as a treat and a thank you for their time. This controlled interaction ensures safety and enjoyment for both guests and llamas, turning each visit into an educational and enriching experience.

Behind the Scenes: Llama Welfare at the Heart

Our approach to llama care is guided by their well-being. Positive associations with human interaction, balanced work and relaxation, and routine health checks ensure our llamas lead happy, healthy lives. Our practices serve as a model for responsible and ethical wildlife tourism.

The Philosophy of Glamping with Llamas

"If it's not fun for the llamas, it shouldn't be fun for us." This philosophy is at the core of everything we do, ensuring that our activities are enjoyable for both our guests and our llamas. By prioritising mutual enjoyment and respect, we create a unique and ethical glamping experience.

Glamping with Llamas offers more than just a stay; it's an immersive experience that fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for llamas. Through ethical interactions and educational opportunities, we ensure that both our guests and our llamas have a memorable time.

Explore our glamping spaces to see the different accommodations we offer.

Llamas sitting under a sun canopy in front of a bell tent.

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